case studies

Aerial Vehicles

The First Jet Powered Quadcopter

The company’s foundation was laid when we designed and developed the world’s first Jet Powered Quadcopter. Due to the novel design, the hardware configuration had to be developed from the ground up. To accelerate and improve the process we took a radically new approach by simulating and evolving multiple configurations to find an optimal solution. With this novel design we competed at Unmanned Aerial Systems Challenge 2018 as team Nova.

“The design that has triggered the most discussion”

Aerial Vehicles

The First AI Designed Racing Drone

In partnership with Autodesk we utilised the power of AI to design and manufacture a racing drone. In minutes our algorithms found a 5 incher – industry standard drone configuration that was found by drone racing community over years of prototyping. With generative design, we decreased the weight of the frame by 2 times.